Phil Beadle


Phil is both an internationally recognised expert on teaching and learning and an inner city English teacher. Specialising in working with students in challenging circumstances, his contextual value added scores are year-on-year amongst the highest of any teacher in the country.

He has won national awards for both teaching and broadcasting and been nominated for a European Commission award for his journalism. His books on teaching and learning have been translated into five different languages: his 'Could do Better' guide was serialised in the Telegraph, and his 'How to Teach' book was awarded 10/10 by the Times Educational Supplement.

More recent publications include 'Dancing about Architecture' and 'Bad Education' a compilation of the columns he wrote for the Guardian between 2004 and 2011, along with 'Literacy Through Football Skills' a scheme of work he designed to teach sentence structure by playing football. His recently completed book 'Managing Behaviour in Challenging Schools' written with John Murphy was published last December and he has also contributed articles and book reviews for The Times, Independent and Independent on Sunday.

His work for Teachers' TV included thee of top forty most popular programmes in the channel's run, and his 'Lesson from the Best' Teachers' TV programme is used in Universities across the west coast of America. There is a substantial period dedicated to his work at Adelaide University in Australia. He has lectured in Australia, Germany and Switzerland, as well as at Universities in the UK.

He is a judge on the O2 Learn Awards, an associate of Independent Thinking Ltd and is currently consulting for Oasis Community Learning providing hands on solutions to raise GCSE results in English. He also provides consultancy on how to re-engage white working class students, how to improve teaching and learning on a whole school basis, as well as entertaining day long sessions on teaching techniques, behaviour management and literacy.